Our tokenomics plan has been meticulously designed to ensure the sustainability, growth, and success of our project. The allocation of our native token, $BRE, is divided into several key categories:

  1. 15% Liquidity Pool: To ensure a healthy and stable market for $BRE, we allocate 10% of the total token supply to the liquidity pool. This pool serves as a foundation for trading and provides stability by ensuring there are ample tokens available for exchange.

  2. 25% Presale: We reserve 25% of the token supply for the presale phase. This allocation allows early contributors and supporters of the project to acquire $BRE tokens at an attractive rate. The funds raised during the presale phase will be instrumental in fueling the initial development and expansion of our ecosystem.

  3. 10% Affiliate Program: We believe in the power of a strong and engaged community. To incentivize and reward advocates of our project, we allocate 10% of the tokens to our affiliate program. This program encourages individuals to spread the word about our project and earn $BRE tokens in return for their efforts.

  4. 25% Hotel Funds: A significant portion of our token supply, 30%, is earmarked for the development and operation of our Crypto Hotel initiative. These funds will be used to construct, furnish, and maintain our innovative crypto-themed hotel properties worldwide. This allocation is pivotal in realizing our vision of merging the hospitality and blockchain industries.

  5. 10% Team: We believe in the strength of our team and their dedication to the project's success. To align the team's interests with the long-term prosperity of $BRE, 10% of the tokens are reserved for team members, ensuring that they have a vested interest in delivering value to our community.

  6. 15% Future Partners: Collaboration and partnerships are key drivers of growth and innovation in the blockchain industry. We allocate 15% of the token supply for future partnerships, enabling us to engage with other projects, companies, and organizations that share our vision. These partnerships will enhance our ecosystem and provide new opportunities for our token holders.

Our tokenomics plan has been thoughtfully crafted to strike a balance between liquidity, community engagement, project development, and long-term sustainability. As we progress through each phase of our roadmap, this allocation will play a crucial role in realizing our mission of reshaping the real estate and blockchain landscape. We are committed to transparency and will provide regular updates on the allocation and utilization of $BRE tokens to keep our community informed and engaged in our journey.

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